cursive signature on a white background

Nature, wilderness, and the wild are what fuel me as an artist. I am an observer and a participant in the human condition as it is mixed with the natural world. My work is intuitive, the energy source being the natural world- I am driven by things I notice when I am out roaming around in it. From watching the clouds, sunsets, lightening, and stars. Walking a field or climbing a sand dune. Or out on a boat in the water, on a country road on a bike. A dry creek bed, the sea. The moon. Or the spaces where I suspect God exists, vibrating green and gold in a summer afternoon. All is electric with the possibility of discovery, grounded in our interconnectedness. As a painter, I strive to articulate the invisible but palpable energy all around me- not in literal forms, but abstractly using combinations of acrylic paint, spray paint and markers. Sometimes I work on canvas or burlap, other times I paint on silk and other textiles. My work is the articulation of invisible energy and truths, things like imagination, curiosity, and wonder. I ask a lot of questions because I am inherently a seeker: What color is noon? What does sunlight sound like? Do these marks and brush strokes look like musical notation or drops of sunlight, or both? The power of evening biblical light- those resonant colors as the backdrop for darkest lavender-grey clouds. Watching, listening and paying attention to all of this is my work.

– Anne Myers Cleary