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Hand-painted Creations Tailored To You

The Dress Project came out of a simple desire to wear the paintings I was creating. I spent so much time as a little girl parading around the farm where I grew up in my mom’s old ‘60’s prom dresses, usually barefooted or cowboy booted under all of the tulle. This type of dress-up provided crucial flexibility because, although staging hay-field fashion shows was extremely important, one would never pass up the opportunity for a creek-stomp or fort-building. This is why I feel the need to wear the painting – this quest to fully experience all of life. It is a natural progression for me to use my creative energy to generate apparel that is buzzing and beautiful.

These dresses are commissioned pieces, just as one would commission a painting. Unlike a painting on canvas, because of the very nature of the object, we get the added benefit of experiencing a dress on a more intimate level, by wearing it. Adorning ourselves with and experiencing the fabric and the richness of color that has been applied by human hands – we become part of this experience. How it fits our bodies and moves in the air with us – how it feels to be wearing something vs. observing – we are the fortunate participants of this added dimension.

Working Together

This is a unique and very personal process, with lots of creative talk and collaboration. These garments are special, made with the human spirit and human hands. There is trust between artist and patron – I am not a technician that is here to mimic or copy something you’ve seen in Vogue. There are people who do that and are excellent at it. This is not that. This is rooted in expression and art – built on a specific type of framework (the garment and how it fits.) Learn more about the commission process…

Design With Me

 Thank you for submitting your questions and thoughts regarding a dress commission! We are so happy to hear from you and look forward to working together. Please leave measurement information, and any color preferences or bits of inspiration that is important to you. Tell us about yourself!