*Consultation: We email, we chat. If we can, we meet. I guide you through this exciting and FUN process!

*Measurements: Measurements are key. We want our clothes to fit. Clients need to have full body measurements taken professionally. Contact your local tailor.

*Fabric: The samples above are swatches of the fabric I am currently making. In general, when they are gone, they are gone. There is always the option for “surprise me” where the client just says, “make me something”. (Of course, I live for those moments!)

*Silhouettes: We use classic, timeless silhouettes that best showcase the painted fabric and provide the best fit.

After we make some preliminary decisions during the consultation, our studio (who are simply the best with over 20 years of experience in pattern making and draping) will make a mock-up out of muslin which is then shipped to you. You try it on, sometimes with your tailor to make correct adjustments. Send it back and we are ready to go!

*Fabric Painting Process: I use natural because the others just will not do for so many reasons (breathability, weight, environmental concerns). Silk is how this all got started so the majority of these garments are silk organza, chiffon, dupion, linen, cotton and rayon. Natural fabrics absorb the dye and paint and once the application has been heat set through a steaming process, the dye becomes part of the fiber vs. sticking to only the surface. Fabric is stretched onto stretcher bars just like a painting on canvas. I paint panel by panel using mixtures of water based screen printing inks, textile dye, textile spray-paints and fabric paints. The panels dry, are then heat set, rinsed, and air-dried again – this process takes about three days in total.

*Care: Garments are to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. DO NO PUT IN WASHING MACHINE – expect that some of the extra color may rinse out but this is normal and should be expected. Air-dry flat. Steam press or steam iron.

*Time Frame: each commissioned piece is custom and these pieces take time to create. Generally, 4-6 weeks.